Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
Just Calling
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How to record, and listen to your calls, when you are using a Normal Phone
Install "recordAcall"
You are on a call. To record the call:

"Conference In" 732 673-2255
Record your calls
Listen to calls on
your phone
Their is nothing to install.
If you don't know how to use your cell phones "Conference Feature", dial 611 on your cell phone for those instructions.
Your call is now being recorded.
Dial 732 673-2255
When you hear the beep, hit # # on your key pad. The Recordings will start to Play.
can be a Contact, or can be Speed Dialed, depending upon the choices
you have on your cell phone.
the number
732 673-2255
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in letters is
Now, you only need to remember one thing, to be able to record, any call, on any cell phone. That is to:
Conference In
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