When you are recording a conversation, the recording begins when you initiated the recording, and ends when you hang up. However, you may only need to record a portion of the conversation. That capability is provided for you, with this service.
By using the telephone keypad, you control what portion of a conversation will be recorded.

If you key ** on your keypad while you are on a conversation, the call continues and the recording terminates. You can record multiple portions of a call, by terminating the recording, and then adding recording to the call at a later time.
Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
Record a Call that You are On
Control what portions of your conversation will be recorded
Key * * to terminate the recording
Just Calling
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a) You are on a call. You decide that you want to record the remainder of the call.
b) Tell the other party that you want to record the call, and to hold on for a moment.
c) Then you "Conference In"
d) Continue with your original conversation, which is now being recorded.
Here's how you Record a Call.
(732 673-2255).
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