Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
Playing a Recording on Any Phone
This listening method, simplifies, the allowing of the right people to hear a specific call.
Here's how this works
Just Calling
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First. you identify the subject call. The call is identified by a 12 digit number "Call Identification Number".
The first 6 digits are the DATE the call was made. The format is, month month, day day, and year year.
The second six digits is the CONVERSATION NUMBER, as shown on the portion of the call detail report below.
For this example, the "Call Identification Number" is:
Instructions given to the person that will listen to the recording
a) Tell the person to dial the number: 1 312 429-0548.
b) When he hears the prompt, enter the 12 digit "Call Identification Number", which for this example is 020910301008
c) The recording will play.
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