Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
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How to use the Android / Droid app to record, and listen to your calls
Install the "recordAcall"
You are on a "Connected" call. To record the call:

Bring up your apps by tapping the "home" button twice.

Then touch the "recordAcall" app, then touch Record.

Then touch Menu. The Phone Features Menu appears. "Touch Merge calls".

When you see the word Conference". the call is being recorded.
Select the "recordAcall" app.

Select "Listen". Your recordings begin to play.
Record your calls
Listen to calls on
your phone
On your Android, touch the "Market app". Search for "recordAcall". Download the "recordAcall" app..
On your Android, tourch the "Market app". Search for "recordAcall".
Download the "recordAcall" app.
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