Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
How to use the Blackberry app to record, and listen to your calls
Install the "recordAcall"
Just Calling
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Click on THIS LINK to copy the app onto your desktop or notebook computer.
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You are on a "Connected" call. To record the call:

Touch "Return". You see "? Continue call and exit to Home screen?". Select OK.

You see the apps. Select "recordAcall". Select "Record".

When you see the word Conference". the call is being recorded.
Connect your Blackberry to your computer, and activate the "Blackberry Desktop Manager".
Click on the "Application Loader". Follow the prompts to install the "recordAcall" app.
Select the "recordAcall" app.

Select "Listen".Your recordings begin to play.
Record your calls
Listen to calls on
your phone
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