Record Any Call on Any Cell Phone
Listening on Phone
As soon as you complete a recorded call, you can listen to the recording on your phone.
Tape Recorder Type Controls
Just Calling
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Key 0, to hear these descriptions.
Key 2, to go back 10 seconds.
Key 3, to advance 10 seconds.
Key 4, to go back 60 seconds.
Key 5, to advance 60 seconds.
Key 6, to play the prior recording.
The Stutter Feature
The Stutter feature, gives you the ability to hear a portion of a recording, over and over again. Consider the example, when you are trying to memorize a phone number that is on a recording. Once you get to the portion of the recording, that plays the phone number, you may not be able to memorize it, because the person spoke rapidly. You would like to hear the number, over and over again, until you memorized it. What you would do, is hit the 1 key on the phone, after you heard the number, which will cause the Stutter Feature to activate. As a result, the prior 10 seconds of the call, will play over and over again. It will keep playing the phone number, until you turn the Stutter Feature off. Key 1 to turn ON the Stutter Feature. Key 1 again to turn OFF the Stutter Feature. When the Stutter feature is turned off, the recording resumes playing. You can toggle the Stutter Feature, ON and OFF, by repeatedlyhitting the 1 key.
The Sleep Feature
The Sleep feature lets you interrupt the playing of a recording, and at the same time, causes the system to ignore keypad commands. When the system is in the Sleep state, the only command that it will accept, is the command to bring the system back to its normal state.
The 9 key is used to interrupt the playing of the recording. The recording stays at the same place, until the 9 key is hit again, which will remove the interruption. When the 9 key is hit again, the recording plays normally, and the system once again accepts commands. You can toggle the 9 key, to be on and off repeatedly.
Key 7, to replay the current recording.
Key 8, to play the next recording.
Key 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Key 1
Key 9
The commands cause changes in the recording that is currently being played.
When you hear the beep, hit # #. The recordings will begin to play.
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